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  1. MonsterFil - Sky Blue PLA (2.85mm, 1 kg) Sale
    Exc. VAT: £11.60 Inc. VAT: £13.92 £23.95

    MonsterFil filament has been developed to the highest specification to ensure great 3D printing results. The PLA is sourced from the most reputable chemical manufacturer certified world-wide, NatureWorks Ingeo™ Biopolymer 4032D and is extruded in high flow industrial monofilament plastic extrusion machines. The lengthy extrusion process keeps the filament at a constant tension of 6N that guarantees near perfect thickness with a maximum measured thickness variation of 3%.
  2. MonsterPETg - Black (2.85mm, 1kg) Sale
    Exc. VAT: £15.79 Inc. VAT: £18.95 £37.96

    MonsterFil PETG is the ideal Material To Replace ABS with Print Speeds Like PLA. Fast Cooling, Low-Temp PETG Designed to Extrude at ~230ºC. Printed Filament Yields a Rigid, High-Tensile Usable Part. Odorless Printing with Crystal Transparency and No Warping. Can Be Used For FDA and Other Clinical Uses. Odor-free
  3. MonsterNylon - Black (2.85mm, 1kg) Sale
    Exc. VAT: £16.84 Inc. VAT: £20.21 £39.95

    MonsterNylon - Black (2.85mm, 1kg). Nylon filament is an incredibly strong, durable, and versatile 3D printing material. Flexible when thin, but with very high inter-layer adhesion, nylon lends itself well to things like living hinges and other functional parts. Its low friction coefficient and high melting temperature make it an excellent choice for things like 3D printed gears.